I was recently introduced, or re-introduced I should say, to a man by the name of Frank Kern. When I heard his name I quite honestly didn’t even know who he was, but I was intrigued by what he had to say based on the good reviews of others.

Turns out this guy is a laid back surfer dad who has created a nice little name for himself in the world of internet marketing. And I learned that it was his product Stompernet, that I heard so much buzz about awhile back that first introduced me to him.

I admit, I did not buy into his Stompernet program and completely ignored all the hoopla and anything related to him. I was quite honestly intimidated by how much money I didn’t have at the time to buy into yet another program, it had nothing to do with him. But now after watching his video, I’m pleasantly surprised.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an online marketer or you have a brick and mortar setup, if you’ve got customers, Kern shares something that is valuable to all business owners.

He shares his story of becoming successful, losing it all after being sued by the government, how he gained it all back, was rich and miserable (he shares the story of how there was a conflict in his family over which mansion to purchase!)  and then how he completed a simple yet profound exercise that turned his world around and completely changed his life for the better.

He shares the exercise in his video that changed his life, but goes one step further to explain how you can take things up a notch to learn how to identify with your customer base on an authentic level. What he shares goes beyond just business best practices, but really digs deep into understanding who you are as well as your customer. Check it out absolutely FREE here.

After watching I’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you done this exercise before and was it life changing for you, or is this your first time being introduced to it? If you’re new to this exercise, are you going to complete it…or were you so excited that you completed it as soon as you finished watching the video? I’m working on mine right now!

Can’t wait to hear your feedback, and if you think this information can help someone else, please pay it forward and pass it on. Thanks!

Kitara R. Wilson

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