I just got off of my awesome group coaching call with 18 other amazing women and I want to share a few of the golden nuggets that came out of today’s session.

This month we’re working on the topic Eliminate Indecision and Choose With Confidence and today we dug deep to really uncover what causes indecision. One powerful woman was bold enough to take center stage and share her personal struggle of being unhappy with her job of 9 years and wanting to leave, and knowing she wants out, but failing to create her exit plan.

As this woman was coached live through where she is and where she wants to be, a lot of things came up that resonated with the rest of us on the call. And even though some of our own personal struggles may not be identical to hers, we were still able to benefit from what was shared as it related to her story.

So here are some of the key points that really resonated with me:

  1. Indecision is fear-based. When we’re faced with a decision and we get stuck in analysis-paralysis of “Should I, shouldn’t I?” or even buyer’s remorse after we’ve moved forward with a decision and we constantly twist and turn the situation around in our minds, we are failing to make a decision and be confident in that decision based on fear. Fear of what others may think; fear of making the wrong decision, fear of not having enough money to follow through, etc. It all boils down to fear that we either don’t have enough or that we aren’t enough.
  2. When we are faced with a decision and we’re at that critical point where we begin to fall into our old analysis-paralysis patterns, we need to stop and remind ourselves that to truly move forward with confidence, we need to stop living from a place of What Was (past) and What If (Future) and start living from the place of What Is (right now). Now is all we have and if we operate life from the moment we are currently in we will experience the peace of being in the now instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.
  3. How different would your life be if you lived as if the Universe was full of abundant resources? Or another way to ask this , and I think we’ve all been asked this at one point or another is, what would your life be like if money were not an issue? Can you dare to imagine what your life would look like, feel like and smell like if every decision you made came from a place of absolute knowing that the Universe is infinitely abundant and that everything you could ever possibly want or need is available to you right now? But guess what it is! The Universe is full of abundance and all we have to do is decide to receive it. Abundance is our birthright, but so many of us are standing in our own way with fear.

There was so much more that was shared on the call but these are three things that really stood out for me and they go back to the process of Decide. Act. Receive. Once we make a clear decision and act on it with confidence, we will receive blessings. Guaranteed.

I hope that this has been helpful to you in some way. Please share and let me know if this resonated with you, or some of your best practices on making decisions and following through. I’d love to hear from you. And if you liked it don’t forget to pass it along and share!

In Celebration,

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