Depleted Woman

She is busy being everything to everyone and neglecting the one person who needs her most—herself. She is tired, run down, haggard, depressed and filled with a sense of hopelessness. She feels invalidated, unappreciated, unloved, unseen and unheard. She lacks joy, peace, fun and laughter in her life. Her day-to-day existence feels like a constant uphill battle and she may be dealing with health issues. She neglects proper self-care and nurturing and is therefore emotionally and mentally ill-equipped to properly nurture those she loves. She wears the mask of a woman who has it all together, when inside, she’s crumbling to pieces. A Depleted Woman has lost touch with her worth.

Whole Woman

She knows that by genuinely loving herself for who she is as she is, she has the capacity to love others fully with patience, care, compassion and forgiveness. This woman is fulfilled in all areas of her life, and even for those areas of life that are still in development, she has full acceptance for things as they are, knowing the best is yet to come. She knows who she is at her center and is able to maintain a true sense of authenticity even amidst life’s challenges. She’s not perfect and she still makes mistakes, yet she understands that becoming isn’t a destination, but a journey. She walks through life unmasked and radiant. A Whole Woman knows her worth. 

Confused Woman

She has complete awareness that where she is and where she desires to be are incongruent, but she lacks direction on how to move forward and stay there. Once completely Depleted, she managed to elevate herself from that space, yet the lure of its familiarity is often irresistible. When life doesn’t go well, this woman easily dips back into Depletion, feeling sorry for herself and playing the victim. On the contrary, when things are great, she is optimistic, pleasant, buoyant and unstoppable. Her struggle is learning to let go of the comfort of Depletion while embracing the rewards of Wholeness. She cannot serve two masters. She knows she has worth but struggles to embody it.

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