By definition, according to the Penguin English Dictionary 2nd Edition sitting here on my desk, a crisis is "a time of acute difficulty or danger…" So if you break that down, to embrace the term "midlife crisis" really translates into "my life is in or is headed for acute difficulty or danger". Honestly ladies, given the already uncertain emotional state that you're in, do you really want to add the loom and doom of "acute difficulty or danger" as a little black rain cloud hanging over your head?Angry-woman-2_Full

I didn't think so….at least I know I didn't, which is why I embraced the idea of CELEBRATING this wacked out stage of my life. The idea of champagne toasts and fun (celebration) just sounds more palatable than banging my head up against brick walls and running scared all the time even if in the figurative sense (difficulty and danger), dontchathink?Champagne_toast

I created this blog and most recently the companion Facebook Page, Women's Early Midlife Celebration, to appeal to women in their pre-midlife "crisis" years. Women like me, who are approaching or are in the second half of their lives and are feeling the angst of what is to come and is commonly known as the "midlife crisis". This can be a very trying time in a woman's life emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. There are many feelings of anger, sadness, frustration and sheer hopelessness.

Society has dubbed this time in both men and women's middle years as a crisis, and interestingly enough, people have fallen into that very trap. At the first sign of distress, confusion, grey hair, arthritis or emotions they don't fully understand, they willingly embrace going through a midlife CRISIS, when in fact it should be looked upon as a midlife CELEBRATION.

Amidst what is clearly an emotionally troubling period in life, why consider it a celebration? Well not only have we been blessed to live long enough to experience this point in our lives, but we now have a bit of wisdom on our side that tips the scale of balance. We will not journey through this second stage of life the same way we groped around blindly up into this point.

This wealth of wisdom that has now been deposited into our life account doesn't mean we will glide through the second half of our journey unscathed, on the contrary. There will be bumps in the road here and there, but maturity, wisdom and past life lessons will guide us over these minor hurdles with what should be minimal damage.

Right Here, Doing It™ is about acknowledging and embracing what is out of balance and celebrating the fact that not only can we get back into balance, but there are many wonderful ways in order to do so. This is not a cookie cutter solution where one method is expected to work for everyone. Right Here, Doing It™ is about honoring and respecting the individuality of each woman, and knowing that as women and beings on this planet, we have to find what works best for us. What works for me may not work for 50 other women and vice versa. But what is so amazing is that there is something for everyone.

So when I tell you that I am Right Here, Doing It™ with you, please believe that. All that I am doing to help other women feel good about themselves and find tools and solutions to navigate through this transition into the second stage of life is just as therapeutic for me as it is for you. And it is my hope that as we travel on this midlife celebration journey together that I can be of support and encouragement to you, as I know you will be to me.

So please, check back with me often for ongoing encouragement and support, and stay tuned as I try and figure out how to now get my blog posts to import over to my Facebook Women's Early Midlife Celebration page instead of my personal profile page. Hmmmmm.

In Celebration,


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