While this message is a tribute to all fathers, I would especially like to recognize my husband, Jahid A. Wilson, Sr.

I do not have a relationship with my own father because he chose to deny me from birth. I grew up without any firsthand knowledge of what it meant to have a father’s unconditional love.

It wasn’t until the birth of my own children that I was able to witness and truly understand what a father’s love is through my husband.

Parenting is probably the hardest yet most rewarding job that can be given to a human being. It is filled with sacrifice, humor, regret, pride, humility and far too many other emotions to list. Yet despite the many ups and sometimes downs of parenting, I have witnessed my husband time and time again rise to the occasion to do what is necessary to be the best father possible.

My husband is genuinely committed to bringing out the very best in our children and he is willing to do what is necessary to ensure that their best interests are always met.

I am grateful and thankful to my husband for being the father that he is to my babies, and for giving me the experience of finally knowing what a father’s love truly means.

To my husband and all of the other amazing fathers out there who are active and present loving forces in their children’s lives, this is for you:

Happy Father’s Day!

In Celebration,

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