Well folks….seems I disappeared for my video blog for the 30-day raw food detox – yup, I did that, I dropped the video ball. The detox is still going…today is day 29, but the video blogging thing was a flop. I just wasn't able to, well, let me be honest, I wasn't motivated enough to keep up with the videos day in and day out. I recorded others, but just wasn't feelin' all of the uploading and editing that I had to do so I just let it go. Evenutally I'll upload them and let folks know so if anyone cares (ha!) you can check them out.

As a quick update – I've been 98% raw. This time around I seemed to get bored with my food a lot faster than I did last time. I got sick of salads and since I don't own a dehydrator or a real quality blender, my options for yummy smoothies, raw soups and other treats were very limited. These aren't reasons to stop the detox altogether, but they are MY reason for being 98% raw. The only cooked food I've had during this 30-day stretch are chips to enjoy with my beloved salsa and guacamole. 

Hubby and I have endured sporting events and other social situations where tempting foods by sight and smell were all around us. We faithfully munched on fresh fruit and veggies and Lara Bars – raw food bars – those got old too after awhile. I personally think the trick to doing a raw food diet/lifestyle for any length of time past say 5-10 days is to have quality kitchen appliances such as a quality blender and a food dehydrator to help widen your raw food options. We have neither, and many of the very good looking recipes I found online require one or both of these. The book that I have that I recommended in a previous post, The Raw Food Detox Diet does not require either and I was able to make some things from there, but the things that really piqued my interest required advanced gadgets that I don't own….yet.

Which brings me to this post. I wanted to give you all an update to let you know that the detox is still going on, I've lost inches and overall feel pretty good, though I've been a bit crabby lately and I'm sure that's from me releasing stuff, but it's been a worthwhile journey and I'll continue to make raw foods a priority in my daily diet. But, I also wanted to share with you all a little video me and my babies put together for a contest we entered to try and win a Blendtec Blender…one of those quality appliances I've been talking about. Angela and Matt Monarch of RawReform.com are putting on a contest to win one of these horsepower blenders so we got creative and came up with something we hope they'll enjoy. The kids had a blast doing this and they are sooooo proud of themselves. Thanks for checking out the post and I hope you all enjoy the video. Take care!

In Celebration,


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