Yesterday (9/28/09 – took me forever to figure this video thing out!) marked day 1 of my pre-detox for the 30-day raw food challenge I am embarking upon. Last year hubby and I completed a 3-week raw food detox using detox kits from It was a good detox, but I admit that we were not 100% raw. This time I plan to go one week beyond the required three weeks for the detox and maintain 100% raw status the entire 30 days.

Why am I doing this? Mainly to improve my overall health. I have some concerns that I feel eating healthier foods and cleansing my body of toxins will positively address. I'll share those concerns with you in another video, but for now I'd like to share this first video with you….but BE WARNED…

We are a REAL family and you can tell that we are truly video virgins when it comes to recording and posting on the web. I kept holding products up right in front of my mouth so you couldn't see me; my cameraman/son kept wiggling all over the place so he couldn't keep the camera steady (I even said something to him while recording) and he was laughing and talking here and there; my assistant/daughter was skipping through the kitchen in the background and at one point leapt in front of the camera so all you see is this arm flying and at the very end my goofball husband makes his appearance. By the end of 30+ days we should have our act together, but for now, this is us. Enjoy.

In Celebration,


P.S. I am STILL trying to figure out how to use the VideoPad Editor to make the video a bit more "creative", but I got tired of foolin' with it and have lessons to finish so here's just the plain basics.

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