Well, I still haven't jumped over my learning curve with video sharing. Seems I now need to clear some space on my computer or just have someone come out and give it a needed tuneup and add some more memory.

Anyhoo, yesterday was up and down for me. Don't know if it had anything to do with the way I've been eating or not but I just felt really unorganized in a lot of areas. As I mentioned in the video, I ended up at the grocery store three times today when my overall goal is to only step into the grocery store once a week. Three times in one day is just frustrating.

My throat was also bothering me and I felt really tired, so that made me irritable which made me snappy and short tempered with my kids. Not the way I want to be, but just goes to show you my early midlife celebration was in FULL SWING yesterday. One thing that helped balance all of that stuff out was running into a friend from home (Richmond, CA) I met when I was 18 and we worked in a bank together. We had lost touch over the years and she has a very common name, as common as "Mary Smith", so trying to locate her online was a difficult task, but I did try.

Last I knew she was still living in Los Angeles. She saw me with the kids in the mall yesterday but wasn't sure if it was me. She came up behind me and said "Excuse me, what's your name?" I took one look at her and screamed her name in the middle of Sephora and we hugged and talked for nearly an hour. She looks great and has been living in the Houston area for the past two years.

I'm just so grateful that I made the decisions that I made yesterday which led me to that very moment of her seeing me walking into the store as she was walking out of a store across the aisle/hall..whatever you call the walkway in the mall! There are no accidents and I appreciate Spirit guiding me so that I could reconnect with my friend. That certainly balanced out all of my flip flop emotions yesterday.

So, here's pre-detox day 3. The kits arrived last night so today is day 1 of the official 30 day challenge. I promise I'm working on trying to post same day stuff, so bear with me! Love ya!

In Celebration,


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