Lately I’ve been reminded more and more of how important it is to seize opportunity when it is presented to us.

So many of us are presently wishing, hoping and praying for change and improved circumstances, yet when opportunity arrives in an unwrapped package that looks nothing like the glamorous gift box we envisioned, we shun it thinking that can’t possibly be the opportunity that is meant for us. Truth is, that is probably exactly what is meant for us. Unfortunately, we’re so stuck in our ways disillusioned by the idea of opportunity being some grand and Hollywood style presentation that we miss the simplicity and power of something that at first blush may seem insignificant.

Below is a video I put together to talk about seizing opportunities with a special message to moms. Check it out.

So, what did you think? Again, please don’t think I was excluding anyone even though I was appealing to mothers….it’s just that I have a very special understanding and connection to those emotions so many moms in a single income family are faced with.

And remember, even though I shared an opportunity that benefits everyone, not just moms, you have to find the opportunity, product and/or service that works for YOU. If it isn’t in integrity with who you are and what you believe in and it doesn’t feel right, DON’T DO IT. It will never be authentic and you will never experience joy and abundance as a result of your association.

It doesn’t matter to me if you contact me or not about the opportunity I shared, what does matter is that if you have been looking for something better, find something that is great for you and go for it! Pay attention to not only those bright shiny packages, but those small little dingy things that may not seem like much, but could honestly be the opportunity of a lifetime.

I wish you much success, joy, happiness and prosperity in your journey. Please share with those who could benefit from this message and be sure to share your comments below.

In Celebration,


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