Even as a young girl I loved to shop. Trying on clothes and shoes, imagining myself in fashionable outfits – it was all good. And it didn’t matter if it was K-Mart or Emporium Capwells….if it involved getting something new, I was all for it. And then the sheer joy of coming home and trying on the new clothes all over again? Priceless.

In my tween years me and my cousins would catch the bus to El Cerrito Plaza or Hilltop Mall in Northern California, our little allowance money in hand, and we’d buy lunch, go to the bookstore as the three of us were avid readers, buy a book or two with what money we had left over and just hang out.

As a working adult, I appreciated shopping days with my girlfriends more because it meant that I could buy MORE STUFF! We’d make a day of it – shopping, lunch and sometimes the movies and dinner. We’d try on shoes, boots, jeans, tops, jewelery and check out new handbags and matching wallets. Oh, and don’t let it be a sale like the Nordstrom Half Yearly Event! We of course would only actually purchase what we could realistically afford, AKA, whatever available credit was on our credit cards! But no matter what, it was always a great time.

Even 18 months after recalling this original “What I Miss” entry, I still don’t shop the way I used to. As a stay-home-mom on one salary with two kids, usually when it’s time for shopping other than groceries, it’s clothes and shoes for the kids or something for the house.

I was never a shopaholic, but I loved a good shopping day with friends or even by myself. There’s just a “feel good” element to picking out, trying on and purchasing clothes and shoes and walking out of the store excited about when you’ll be able to put your new purchases to good use. And of course, coming home and yes, trying on all your new clothes all over again. Some things never change.

Yes, I miss shopping. I definitely plan to reintroduce this one into my life in 2010. In fact, me and a girlfriend plan to have some shopping fun in February at the Shecky’s Girls Night Out event in Houston..all thanks to another girlfriend who told me about it. It may be over a month away, but it’s shopping nonetheless and I plan to enjoy every minute of it. Bigstockphoto_Friends_Shopping_4317497Because honestly, a lot of what I miss about shopping isn’t just the thrill of getting new clothes, but the therapy of being with friends doing something you enjoy together, being yourself and having FUN. That’s what really matters.

Until next week….

In Celebration,

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