We’ve been watching A LOT of  Disney’s Princess and The Frog lately and the whole family has a string of favorite musical numbers and we all get up and dance and sing along whenever they come on.

One of our favorites is Dig a Little Deeper by Mama Odie (voiced by Jenifer Lewis). Mama Odie is a 197-year-old spunky voodoo lady who lives in an old boat in a tree deep in the Bayou. When Tiana and Prince Naveen seek her out to turn them human again, Mama Odie tries to teach them an important lesson that what they wanted was not the same as what they needed. When the message doesn’t quite sink in, she breaks into her musical number.

Here’s the official Disney sing-a-long version:

So did you enjoy it? Mama Odie teaches a very important lesson that we all have the ability inside of us to be, have, and do whatever we desire so long as it is congruent with what we need. When we are aligned with who we truly are and what we need, things flow effortlessly. But when we are out of alignment, that’s when things are tough. I know from experience that when I’ve tried to force a thing it is never a simple process. But when I just say yes to what is for my highest and greatest good, even if it doesn’t look like what my ego self wants, I am always blown away by how effortless things fall into place.

So when you are faced with challenges be they big or small, reach inside and ask yourself is this current situation based on a want or a need. If it’s based on a want, dig a little deeper and ask yourself what you truly need to bring peace to the situation. At first blush the answer that comes may not look like what you thought you wanted, but in the end if it is best for you you’ll find without a doubt that it is exactly what you needed!

I hope you enjoyed one of our current family favs. Let me know your thoughts and if it moves you, please pass along to your friends.  Take care!

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