I was reminded of a great principle in church today that reminds us to not ignore the call within us to do more, be more and have more than we are right now.

I’d love to take a few moments to share this wonderful concept with you. Just click on the play button below and check it out!

Is there something inside of you that has been speaking to you but perhaps you’ve been ignoring it because you’re not sure how to make this thing real? If so, that’s okay! A lot of times when something bigger than us is calling us to action it can be scary because we have no idea how to make those small little seeds that have been planted within us grow into something amazing. We can’t see beyond where we are currently of how to make it possible. But if we only take the first step and say “yes”, I promise you, your path will be revealed to you step by step. But it won’t happen until you say “yes”….even if you have to say “I have no idea what this means and I don’t have a clue as to how to make all of this work, but I am going to trust what I am being lead to do and say YES.”

Did that resonate with you in some way? I’d love to hear about it so please share your thoughts and insights below as they can be a blessing others.  Oh, and re-tweets and Facebook love are always appreciated! Have a fantastic day!

In Celebration,

P.S. Please excuse the wobbly video and the occasional sighs in the background….my cameraboy is nine and his arms were giving out on him!

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